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Business in Motion: Shifting Local Economic Development into High Gear

Posted by: Cabarrus Economic Development on Friday, December 2, 2016 at 12:00:00 am

As the wheels of progress continue to turn, businesses are constantly setting new goals and facing new challenges. There is a dynamic need to keep an eye toward continued prosperity and growth while keeping daily business moving forward. As such, Cabarrus Economic Development is dedicated to answering questions and addressing the needs of the business community to help keep the entire Cabarrus County community in motion.

“Everything we do at the EDC is to help ensure the success and advancement of local business. The stronger and more efficient they are, the better place Cabarrus County is to live and work,” said LeeAnn Nixon, existing industry project manager.

She added, “It’s not just about attracting new businesses to Cabarrus County; it’s about making sure the businesses that choose to be here are successful. Our goal is to learn their stories and identify their challenges so we can offer them solutions.”

When it comes to workforce development and training, for example, business owners can contact the EDC for assistance with accessing local and regional demographics and employment statistics, locating qualified personnel and identifying workforce training opportunities that are offered through local institutions and customized training programs.

“We have a collaborative relationship with the educational institutions that help train and direct the county’s future workforce,” Nixon said. “We listen to what the industries are saying and then take that information back to the educators so they can help plan future programs.”

Expansion and infrastructure is another area where the EDC helps businesses stay in motion. Nixon provides guidance if a business is considering relocation, facility expansion or plans to add equipment or jobs. She also helps business owners searching for available buildings or land or who want to know more about what incentives or grants are available.

“Perhaps a business is encountering some growth barriers, or they have infrastructure and utility concerns. Or maybe they are considering acquiring another company or merging. These are all areas where Cabarrus Economic Development offers guidance and solutions for business owners,” Nixon said.

She added the EDC team also acts as an advocate by helping local business owners navigate local land development and regulatory processes and permit issues. The team also helps business owners establish a point of contact in the community and serves as a liaison to Cabarrus County, municipalities and state officials or departments.

“We open the door to conversations and tap into our resource partners at the local, regional, state and federal levels,” she said.

In the operations arena, the EDC locates business contacts and referrals as well as offers international trade and export assistance, logistics expertise and supply chain connections. The team also assists businesses that are seeking ISO certification or are considering government procurement.

“We want business owners to think of the EDC as a trusted advisor whose goal is to make it easier for them to keep growing,” Nixon said. “We value the businesses in our community and want to continue supporting their efforts and connecting them to tools and resources available to help move their business down a path of growth and economic prosperity.”

Cabarrus EDC is here to ensure your success and keep your business in motion, but you may not be taking advantage of every opportunity and resource available to you. Contact LeeAnn Nixon today at lnixon@cabarrus.biz or 704-782-4000 to set up an appointment and learn more about how we can benefit and grow your business.




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