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Kannapolis Nutrition Center Plays Critical Role in Antarctica Expedition

Published Tuesday, April 23, 2019
by Cabarrus Economic Development Corporation

Colin O’Brady did the “impossible” when he became the first person to cross Antarctica alone, unaided and unsupported late last year. The 33-year-old Oregon native began a 932-mile trek across the frozen continent, pulling a sled full of supplies that weighed 400 pounds at the start of the journey. During the 54-day expedition, which spanned from early November to late December 2018, O’Brady endured an average temperature of -22 degrees Fahrenheit, a windchill of -80 degrees Fahrenheit on windy days, and a 10,000-foot climb.

The world record that O’Brady set out to beat had nothing to do with speed and everything to do with endurance. Nutrition was the key to his success. That’s why he reached out to Standard Process and their Nutrition Innovation Center located in Kannapolis, North Carolina. The City of Kannapolis has dedicated itself to health and wellness, so it was fitting for O’Brady to work directly with health and nutrition experts from the Nutrition Innovation Center to develop a research-backed supplement strategy to integrate with his own nutritional strategy.

Standard Process collaborated with nutritionists, food scientists, culinary chefs, and practitioners from across the nation to research and develop a customized nutritional solution for O’Brady. They used whole, plant-based foods from their organic farms and put it all into a format that he would enjoy – this is what they now call the “Colin Bar”. Each bar contained the nutrients O’Brady needed to stay alive in some of the harshest conditions on Earth and contained under 1,200 calories per bar. Each day, 4,000 of his 7,000 daily calories were from Colin Bars. The Colin Bar’s small design also made it easier for O’Brady to transport on his sled so he could bring just enough to make it through the expedition, along with other necessary supplies.

"We are so proud of what O’Brady has accomplished and thankful that Standard Process and their Nutrition Innovation Center played such a critical role in his nutrition," said Robert Carney, Executive Director of the Cabarrus Economic Development Corporation. "His successful solo and unaided expedition through Antarctica was a great way to kick off 2019 for Standard Process, who is celebrating their 90th anniversary this year."

The Standard Process Nutrition Innovation Center is dedicated to new solutions for health care professionals and patients using whole food nutritional therapies, wholistic clinical care, and organic and sustainable farming with regenerative practices to improve nutrient density in our plants and to protect the environment. The center is located in the David H. Murdock Core Laboratory Building on the NC Research Campus in Kannapolis, NC.

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