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Cabarrus Economic Development Gets a New Look

Published Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cabarrus Economic Development is excited to announce that it has created a new logo. Outside of the state and region, many people are unaware of where Cabarrus County lies. Cabarrus Economic Development wanted to portray Cabarrus County as a center for industry and as being a great centralized location to conduct business in North Carolina. The new logo will give the organization a sharper and sleeker look while giving its target audience for recruitment a better understanding of where Cabarrus County is located.

Robert Carney, executive director of Cabarrus Economic Development, stated, “On behalf of Cabarrus Economic Development, we are thrilled to share our new logo. This design is built to give reference to our amazing location and proximity within the State of North Carolina. This will help give place and location when marketing this community on a global scale.”

The new logo will be followed by a new website in the coming months. The new site will be an essential piece for providing relevant information and marketing Cabarrus County for the purposes of economic development.

The new logo was created and developed by Justin Moore, principal and creative director of Sublmnl Design.

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