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Cabarrus Conversations: Q&A with Mount Pleasant Mayor Del Eudy and Town Administrator Randy Holloway

Posted by: Cabarrus Economic Development on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 12:00:00 am

Q: What are some Mount Pleasant business highlights from 2016?

A: Southern Grace Distilleries, which used to be a prison, opened its doors last fall with tours and photo opportunities for visitors. Additionally, Barringer Trace, our first true apartment complex, opened in December. The 64-unit, family-friendly building is already about 60 percent full and is expected to be completely full by summer.


Q: What’s on tap for Mount Pleasant in 2017 with regard to new construction and infrastructure or road improvements?

A: We are planning renovations for our town hall that will provide a much higher level of security for our staff, and a significant addition is planned for the fire department. The town hall project will be completed this spring and the fire department project should be complete by summer 2018.


Q: Tell us about the town’s new incentive policy that was adopted last May.

A: We used the same model that Concord and the other municipalities use, but lowered the investment or improvement threshold from $1 million to $100,000. We think the lower threshold will not only attract new businesses to the town, but also help existing businesses. We’re seeing more interest now in the areas of renovation and expansion than we’ve seen in quite some time.


Q: How do highway and utility access factor into the town’s growth?

A: We have a lot of land available along the five-mile, four-lane stretch of Highway 49 and see that as our growth corridor. This allows us to grow while still keeping our small town feel. We conducted a utility study of every parcel last year, so if someone is looking to develop there, we know exactly how we’re going to get utilities to those sites. Additionally, we have an agreement with Concord that we can tap into their 30-inch waterline that runs the entire length of Highway 49.


Q: Mount Pleasant is partnering with Benchmark Planning to develop a comprehensive future land use plan. How is that process coming along?

A: We had our first meeting and will continue to meet regularly for the remainder of the year with the goal to roll out the plan in December. We’re getting the community’s buy-in on what they would like the town to look like in 5 years and 10 years from now. We’re trying to get the community to embrace the change we know is coming, but we want our residents to help shape that change and not just let change occur without their involvement.  


Q: Are there any resources that you’d like to bring special attention to or encourage business owners or residents to take advantage of?

A: The Town of Mount Pleasant website is a helpful resource because it provides announcements regarding waste pickup, leaf pick up, Town Council or Planning and Zoning meetings and a link to online bill pay. You can also find out more about the town’s history. Additionally, the town provides water and sewer services with unlimited water supply with no restriction and also has waste and bulk removal services for residents.


Q: Tell us about the unique charm of the Town of Mount Pleasant.

A: We joke that we’re the best kept secret in Cabarrus County and we want to let the secret out. The town is nestled 30 miles north of Charlotte – close to the big city but far enough away to step away from the hustle and bustle. Mount Pleasant is rich in history with a museum, pharmacy dating back to the mid-1800s and several antique shopping destinations. We are a unique community that takes pride in the fact all three of our schools share the same name and mascot, “Mount Pleasant Tigers,” from kindergarten through 12th grade. No other schools in Cabarrus County can say that.


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