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Kannapolis City Council endorses downtown purchase

Published Monday, March 16, 2015
by Independent Tribune - Staff Reports

Kannapolis City Council moved one step closer to purchasing the downtown Kannapolis area from David Murdock, with the council signing a resolution authorizing the deal Monday.

Council members signed the resolution Monday afternoon at the Kannapolis Train Station, following Thursday’s announcement that the council and Murdock had reached an agreement for the sale of 46 acres of downtown property valued at $5.55 million. The property is valued at $23 million, according to the city.

City officials also provided a timeline of events involved in the purchase.

» From March to July there will be community presentations.

» March 30, April 15 and April 20 are dates for presentations that have already been set, but a location has yet to be determined.

»  On March 23 the City of Kannapolis will have an agreement executed with Development Finance Initiative, a non-profit organization out of the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Government, who will act as advisors to help guide the development of downtown.

» Also On March 23, the city council will hear Phase I of the CMC-NorthEast Intimidators Baseball Stadium study. The study is to discuss the possibility of relocating the Intimidators stadium from its current location to building near the downtown area. The idea is to have a “game changer” that would bring foot traffic to the downtown area.

»  On April 9 and 10 the council will have a downtown planning/visioning session.

»  In April, on a date to be announced, the council will have a retreat.

»  May 11 is the tentative date for a public hearing regarding the purchase of downtown Kannapolis from David Murdock. Also on that date a property management company should be secured to maintain the buildings while they are owned by the city.

»  On June 2 the state should finalize the approval of financing for the purchase.

» On June 8, city council is scheduled to hear Phase II of the Intimidators Baseball Stadium study.

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