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Cabarrus County is located in of one of the most vibrant regional economies in the United States. Those eager to experience a relatively low tax rate, expansion-based incentives and proximity to major market centers have already discovered a key truth: from employee training to local incentives, we have developed pacesetting resources for companies on the leading edge of their sectors including food and beverage, aerospace, back office, logistics and automotive.

Cabarrus County is home to the North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC), a public-private venture dedicated to fostering collaboration and understanding of key biotechnology fields. The campus was the brainchild of David H. Murdock, who has oversight of the David H. Murdock Research Institute (DHMRI), established as a public charity to support pioneering research in the fields of metabolomics, animal and plant imaging, structural chemistry and microscopy. The campus provides a community where the finest minds will unite to bring together breakthrough perspectives, expertise, and capabilities, irrevocably resetting the bar for collaborative scientific inquiry.

Much of Cabarrus County’s past is intrinsically tied to manufacturing in the textile industries and has led to a workforce well adapted to change in this sector. Because of this workforce, low cost of doing business and unmatched job skills programs, Cabarrus County is well suited to host a wide variety of manufacturing companies.

Several world-class Fortune 500 companies such as Monsanto, General Mills and Dole Foods are proud to be associated with Cabarrus County. Westinghouse, Siemens and Toshiba also maintain a presence in the region, employing thousands of local citizens into their workforces. Innovative newcomers, such as Celgard -- a manufacturer of lithium battery separators used in cell phones and laptops -- are locating Cabarrus County armed with the knowledge that Site Selection Magazine has rated North Carolina among the top-five destinations for alternative energy companies.

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